The new Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine!

Hello and welcome to today’s card, which is a special blog post about the new Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine! I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled when Stampin’ Up! announced that not one, but TWO, new cutting and embossing machines in the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog! Even though they were not available for purchase at the time of the new annual catalog launched, the standard size machine became available at the beginning of this month for demonstrators to pre-order and will be available for customers on September 1st, 2020. The Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine, accessories for the mini, the Impression Mats, and the Magnetic Cutting Plate will be available at a later date.

Full disclosure, I did not necessarily need to purchase the new machine, however, with my demonstrator discount, bonus days coupons, and a product credit I had, this helped with the cost, which is $120.00. I did take into consideration that my current machine is at least 11 years old, I use it on a weekly basis (about 3-5 days a week), and I really do not want to be in the middle of something and my current machine no longer work, that would totally be my luck! So, I’m going to share with you my comparison to the previous Big Shot machine.

Out of the box, you get the machine, the handle and tool to attach, the quick start guide, and the plates (base plate, die plate, cutting plates, and specialty plate), which is everything you need to get started:

The handle is easy to attach (just like the Big Shot), and this is what it looks like with both sides of the platform open:

Here are all the plates, and if you notice that the numbers are on each plate, except both cutting plates have the number 3:

Comparing the Specialty Plate and the 3D Embossing Plate (Blue Plate), they are both the same and can both be used with the new machine. So, if you purchased the blue plate like I did, then you will have two plates that both work with the new and previous machines. You can also purchase the Specialty Plate starting September 1st, which if you did not purchase the blue plate before it retired and need one, this is great news:

The old cutting plates and the new cutting plates are the same and these are currently available for purchase. On a side note, when I tested out the new machine, I used the plates I have already been using since they are only a month old and worked perfectly fine:

Here are the two machines, side by side for comparison of size, the new machine looks slightly bigger, but it’s pretty much the same size:

As you can see, the “body” of the new machine is slightly bigger, but the ergonomic handle very nice! I’m not sure about the exact weight of each one, but they both feel fairly the same when picked up:

The platforms are the same size, however, if you are like me and rest the cutting plates across the platform when not in use, it is shorter due to the platforms folding up:

The Just Jade cardstock is cutting and embossing using the new machine and the Real Red cardstock is embossing with my old machine, both turned out the same. However, cranking the handle was so much smoother! For me, my Big Shot can be a little “herky-jerky” when cranking the handle and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the new machine:

Now, I know that there are several brands and types of cutting and embossing machines out there for purchase, however, I have only had my Big Shot and that is what I am comparing to. What I like about this new machine is the space saving storage (platforms folds), the plates are all numbered, the instructions on the base and die plate for ready reference, and the smooth turning of the handle for cutting and embossing. So, when the time comes that you need a new cutting and embossing machine, I definitely recommend the new Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine and if you can, take one for a “test drive” so you can judge for yourself. I can say that I’m really excited for the Mini to come out, I can keep this close by my desk to use for those small die cuts and smaller embossing folders!

Live in the USA? I would love to be your demonstrator! Contact me today to learn more about purchasing Stampin’ Up! products, hosting a party, joining my team or if you would like a complimentary catalog! 

You can head over to my online store by clicking the Shop Now! button at the very top to see all available products.

I hope today’s project inspires you to get creative! Please contact me if you have any questions about the products used on this or any other project. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and thanks for stopping by!

Author: Christina Miller

I am an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator located in Norfolk, Virginia and was first introduced to Stampin' Up! in 2004 when I attended my very first card class with my Mother-in-Law and I was immediately hooked! I first started out by making simple holiday cards and over the years as my stash has grown, so have my card and craft making skills. It has always warmed my heart when family and friends love my cards, but they actually keep them! In 2016 I decided to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and figured I could just do it for a hobby, but now I am going to branch out for all to world to see. So grab your favorite beverage, sit in your favorite chair, and join me as I share my cards and crafts with you! Enjoy!

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