The Retirement List-helping you navigate thru it!

Hello and welcome to today’s special blog post, which will touch base on a few key items from the retirement list! Yesterday was a very exciting day, demonstrators were given first access to the upcoming 2020-2021 Annual Catalog and the retirement list for products that will not be carrying over into the new annual catalog. I will admit that I didn’t even give the retirement list a glance, I went straight for the annual catalog! For me, as a demonstrator, I find it so much easier to go thru the annual catalog first because I can not only make my “wish list” for new products, but also help me organize my personal inventory and see what is retiring and what is carrying over. This way when the annual catalog goes live I can move retired products out, but that’s not to say that I may miss something. lol However, there are some items that may be causing you some confusion and I will share what I can to help you make the best decision based on your needs and budget!

Stampin’ Blends

You may have noticed that Stampin’ Blends are on the retirement list, however, Stampin’ Blends as a product are NOT being retired. Starting June 3, 2020, when the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog goes live for customers, the option to purchase the blends individually will no longer be an option, you will have to purchase them as a combo pack. But wait, the combo packs are on the retirement list?! Yes, the combo packs will have a new product number in the annual catalog and that is the only difference. The best suggestion I can make is that if you have been buying the blends individually and do not have the mate (light/dark), then now would be the time buy it. Also, take a look at your Stampin’ Blends and if you have one of the combo blends that is showing the “love and use” and may need to be replaced, then now would be the time to buy it. The only colors that are retiring, are Lovely Lipstick, Call Me Clover, and Pineapple Punch, which are part of the 2018-2020 In Colors that are all retiring this year.


Did you notice that Snail and Snail refills on the retirement list? No need to panic, there are several new adhesives that will be in the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog! I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I am very excited and hopefully you will be too! So, if you think that you will need more Snail before June 3rd, then now would be the time to stock up because Snail will only be available while supplies last.

Stampin’ Mist

You may have also noticed that the Stampin’ Mist bottle and refill are on the list as well, but Stampin’ Mist is not retiring! The bottle has changed and the new design will be available starting June 3rd.


Stamparatus Replacement Plates are on the retirement list and will not be in the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog. So, if you think you may need some extra plates, now is the time to buy them.

Bundles and Suites

Trying to figure out what is retiring and what is carrying over can be, well, overwhelming. So, let me share with you some tips and tricks that may help you! There are two ways for you to see the retirement list, off to your right I have Excel versions for you to access and you can see the products themselves on my online store. Generally in the past with a suite (base on what has happened in previous years), the stamp set and coordinating dies carry over, but not all of the other coordinating products. So, taking that into consideration, if you see a bundle or suite that is being retired, but not the individual stamp set or coordinating die (or punch), then it would be safe to say that the stamp set and coordinating die (or punch) is carrying over. For example, The Daisy Lane Bundle: the bundle is on the retirement list, but not the stamp set or the punch, therefore, the bundle is not carrying over, but the Daisy Lane stamp set and the Medium Daisy punch are. Another example is the Honey Bee Bundle: the bundle, the Honey Bee stamp set, and the Detailed Bee Dies are all on the retirement list, so this is being completely retired. Now, let’s confuse you even more…lol There are suites that only the DSP and other accessories are on the retirement list, but the bundle, stamp set, and coordinating dies are not on the retirement list? Well, that may mean the bundle is carrying over into the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog, which typically doesn’t happen. Need a hint? Think poppies….

I really hope this helps you navigate your way thru the retirement list and don’t forget, these items are only available while supplies last! Since I have seen the 2020-2021 Annual Catalog, I can say that I am truly excited with all the new products and I hope you will be too! On that note, if you would like a free complimentary copy of the 2020-2021 mailed to you, send me an email at: with your information BY April 30, 2020 and I will add you to my mailing list! These will be mailed directly to you from Stampin’ Up!

Author: Christina Miller

I am an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator located in Norfolk, Virginia and was first introduced to Stampin' Up! in 2004 when I attended my very first card class with my Mother-in-Law and I was immediately hooked! I first started out by making simple holiday cards and over the years as my stash has grown, so have my card and craft making skills. It has always warmed my heart when family and friends love my cards, but they actually keep them! In 2016 I decided to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and figured I could just do it for a hobby, but now I am going to branch out for all to world to see. So grab your favorite beverage, sit in your favorite chair, and join me as I share my cards and crafts with you! Enjoy!

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